Divine is a virtual reality flying experience built using Unity and the HTC Vive. The user flies on a white lion (named Percy) through an island environment using the HTC Vive’s motion controller. I wanted this experience to bridge the gap between virtual reality and our reality. By providing tactile objects and environmental conditions that simulate what the viewer sees through the headset, it allows them to feel as if it were real life.

It was featured as an installation in Nova: 2019 Spring SVAD Biannual BFA Exhibition at the UCF Art Gallery as my final project. It was also part of UCF’s 2019 Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence. 


The lion was modeled first using Sculptris, and then taken into zBrush for details and retopology. He was UV’d, rigged, and animated in Maya. Textures were done using Photoshop and Substance Painter.

The world was created in Unity using Gaia, and the fur was generated using PIDI XFur Studio.